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The Norwegian Knowledge Graph (KG) is a subset of the full TBFY Knowledge Graph that covers Norwegian procurement data.

On September 2021 the Norwegian KG consisted of more than 3.50 million triples and contained information about:

Norwegian KG and services no longer available

As of January 2022 the Norwegian KG and its services are no longer available. The AWS EC2 instances running the services have been stopped/terminated. The source code and data dumps are however still available on GitHub and Zenodo. See links in the usage section below for further details. This website is kept online for archival/documentation purposes only. If you are interested in the results of the TBFY project and would like a demonstration, please see the following page for contact details:


More detailed statistics about the Norwegian KG can be found on the statistics page.


The Norwegian KG data is provided under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License, which allows you to use, share and adapt the data for non-commercial uses as long as you give appropriate credit and share any adapted data under the same license as the original. If you wish to use the data for commercial uses please contact the TheyBuyForYou project.



The Knowledge Graph (KG) is available as Open Data. The data is available online and can be explored through several services. We also provide monthly data dumps of the KG in N-Triples format, as well as the source data files (from OpenOpps and OpenCorporates) in JSON format that is used to create the KG.

Service URL Description
TBFY Platform & Online Tools An overview of the Knowledge Graph based TBFY Platform & Online Tools.
KG SPARQL endpoint SPARQL endpoint that allows users to query the Knowledge Graph using SPARQL. We are using Apache Jena Fuseki as the SPARQL server and Apache Jena TDB as the underlying database.

KG API REST API that allows you to query the Knowledge Graph. See for more info.

KG data dump Monthly data dump of the Knowledge Graph in RDF format containing procurement data and company data (for matching suppliers) for the period January 2019 onwards. In addition to the KG data dump in RDF, we have also made available the source data input for the KG, i.e., procurement release data from OpenOpps and company data (for matching suppliers) from OpenCorporates in JSON format.
YASGUI for KG YASGUI (Yet Another SPARQL GUI) is a 3rd party web application that we have set up that allows users to query the Knowledge Graph using SPARQL.


The Knowledge Graph (KG) is available as Open Source Software. All software components and ontologies developed in the TBFY project to create the Knowledge Graph have been released as open source on GitHub.

Repository URL Description
Knowledge Graph (KG) Repository where all source code, information and documentation for creating, deploying and using the Knowledge Graph are found.
OCDS Ontology Repository for the OCDS ontology.
KG API Repository for the core API. It also contains the API documentation and SPARQL queries of the TheyBuyForYou project.
KG API Gateway Repository for the API Gateway. It provides a flexible abstraction layer and a single entry point that securely manages communication between TBFY clients and online tools via API.


The following services are only available to the TBFY Knowledge Graph administrators:

Service URL Description
Fuseki admin UI Apache Jena Fuseki admin UI that allows adminstrators to manage the TBFY Knowledge Graph. (Requires admin user and password.)